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Computer Science Partner

A little known fact that I have avoided through out my posts on college life is my exact relationship to this guy:

He’s the partner from all of my Fall projects. The reason I went walking on Mackinac Bridge in September. Part of the “we” I referred to in much of my writing about that interim trip last January. And now he’s my Fiance!

His name is Josh Peters. I met him when we started our first Computer Science class in 2010 and we have sat next to each other in every class since. We will not be getting married until we graduate in 2014. He currently lives with his family 20 minutes south of school, commuting back and forth so that he can also work at Byron Center Meats during the week. He has been my best friend ever since I met him, and will continue to be for many, many years to come.

My precious!

And now, what I’m sure you’ve been waiting for: a picture of my beautiful ring (which he picked out all by himself!) it’s white and rose gold, so pretty!

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Isle of Palms Memory Books Added To Gallery

by Bingle on Jul.29, 2007, under Family Matters

While we were enjoying our “Bingle Family Get-Together” on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina back in June, Linda presented the family with some “memory books” and asked that everyone take some time to contribute to them in some way, even if it was just to sign their name. In the end, everyone contributed (at least) an entire page.

Karen and I have finally scanned in the memory books that we created while we were there.

Isle of Palms Memory Books
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Isle of Palms – Friday

by Bingle on Jun.17, 2007, under Family Matters

Karen got the girls up early to try to go boogie-boarding while the tide was coming in. They were out there for almost two hours, right through high tide. Luckily for them, the high tide wasn’t nearly as high as it had been the night before. The high tide the night before had scattered all of the built up sticks from the edge of the dune away, making the step down to the beach about a foot and a half. It had also deposited a palm tree (likely one of the ones we had seen) a couple of feet away from our path.

We tried making a trip out to “Bird Island” after lunch, but the tide was still too high and it was drizzling and the wind was making it a bit too chilly, so we turned back and decided we’d make a second attempt closer to when the tide would be at its lowest. Karen, Rich, Ashley, Amber, Alyssa, Chris, Tony, Anita, and Amber ended up making the trip. We found several more (deceased) sand dollars, a couple of empty whelk shells, and another (living) starfish. Ashley and Amber took turns holding the starfish on its back while everyone took the opportunity to feel its hundreds of little legs which were frantically waving back and forth.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy. The memory books were finished, a couple of games of Blokus were played, and the packing of the vehicles began in earnest. We need to have the keys back to the rental agency by 10 a.m., so everyone is getting a pretty early start in the morning.

We finished off the evening with games of “Up and Down the River”, Rummy, and Formula De. The Formula De race ended up only being one lap instead of two as it was getting pretty late and Ashley was already falling asleep at the table between turns.

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