TLAPD 2006

by Bingle on Sep.20, 2006, under Richard Bingle

Another Talk Like a Pirate Day ( has come and gone. While I was very appreciative of those around me playing along, I just couldn’t get into it this year and most of the day my pirate speech would lapse a few minutes into a conversation. I think the main problem was that I was still in the early recovery stages from being sick with a bad cold all weekend. In fact, if it hadn’t been TLAPD on Tuesday, I probably would have taken a sick day and spent one more day in bed. Typically I end up hoarse from my “Arrrrs” and such anyway on TLAPD, but I was having enough problems talking normally for more than a minute or two without falling in to a fit of coughing with the cold still lingering.

A moment that brought a smile to my face was when I joined one of the daily calls I’m on. I announced my presence with an “Ahoy, it be Rich” and my old boss responded with “Oh no, it isn’t that time of year again, is it?” You see, I’d been working for him for about a month when TLAPD happened to occur on the day of our bi-weekly staff meeting. I probably spent a half hour in that meeting doing my best to give status and discuss technical issues all while maintaining my pirate persona. He probably thought I was nuts, but never tried to stop me.

– Cap’n Rich

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