Orlando Bingles’ 2011 Summer Road Trip – Day 24

by Bingle on Sep.05, 2011, under Richard Bingle Family

Rain, rain, rain, and more rain…

The high winds and torrential rains that they had forecast for the area as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee passed through never really materialized at our motel, although there were reports of some pretty nasty weather near Atlanta Motor Speedway.

But that didn’t mean it wasn’t raining. In fact, it rained pretty much the entire day. It turned out that Karen wasn’t feeling the greatest, so with the bad weather keeping us from doing anything outside, and the fact that it was a holiday weekend, we decided we’d just hang out at the motel all day and just relax. While Karen napped, the girls and I played some some cards, watched TV, and played on the iPad. Not the most exciting day of the trip for sure, but we’d already paid for our race tickets (and they don’t issue refunds due to rain) and the girls hadn’t gotten a chance to actually even see a Cup car on the track, so we figured it was worth it.

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