Isle of Palms – Monday

by Bingle on Jun.12, 2007, under Family Matters

Several of us spent several hours out on the beach during low tide looking for shells and such. We again found lots of whelk shells, but they were again all still inhabited and had to be put back. Mike was out there quite a long time and unfortunately had failed to put sunscreen on the tops of his feet and got quite burned.

After lunch there were several games of Puerto Rico and Blokus played and several people went swimming in the pool. Tony spent an hour and stripped down and cleaned the grill in an attempt to get it working for grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. After a thourough cleaning and reconnecting the propane, things seemed to work much better.

Karen and Ashley took a couple of kites we found under the house out on the boardwalk to the beach and flew them until one of them broke loose and took off down the beach and into the water. Ashley rescued it, but it will need some repairs before it will fly again.

After dinner we all played a game of Encore. My team won despite being behind the entire game and a post-game protest by the other team. We followed that up with a game of Pictionary, which my team also won. A few of us us finished off the evening with a game of “Up and Down the River” which Mike won (and Don lost badly).

– Rich

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