Fay Update #2

by Bingle on Aug.21, 2008, under Jim Bingle Family, Richard Bingle Family

Fay is still hanging around!

We actually had more wind and rain here in Orlando today than we’ve had with Fay so far. Nothing too bad, just wet and windy.

The folks’ area has been hammered over the last few days by Fay, receiving around 20″ of rain while Fay just sat off the coast! While there was wide-spread flooding in Brevard County (some of it pretty severe), their neighborhood seems to have weathered the deluge better than most. While they had some street flooding which kept them stranded in their neighborhood for a while, once Fay started moving again and they caught a break in the rain, the waters started to subside. The closest the water got was covering the street up to their next door neighbor. Luckily the lake behind them didn’t flood. Other neighborhoods weren’t nearly so lucky and lakefront and lakeview property quickly became lake property.

As I type this, the rain and wind has picked up again as a squall wraps its way through and they’ve just announced on the television that the inland counties have cancelled school again tomorrow.

– Rich

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