by Ashley on Apr.23, 2006, under Ashley Bingle

Now if the word NOP doesn’t mean anything to you then you weren’t at Celebration Community Presbyterian Church on April 2nd. To explain to those of you who were not there, NOP is an acronym for Night Of Praise. The Director of Worship and the Director of Missions came up with this fundraising idea last year when a charity that we often give money to was about to go bankrupt. At a Night Of Praise all of the different music groups perform at least one song. I, being in the Youth Choir, got to participate in the most recent Night Of Praise. In Youth Choir there are only eight kids total who came at one time or another. Now seeing as five of them had not come for the previous three weeks and the director and her daughter, who is also a member of the choir, were going out of town for the night, the two of us left were left to fend for ourselves. We were introduced by the afore mentioned Director of Worship as “the Youth Duet” and were “directed” by the same Director of Missions that originally helped to come up with the idea, who sang along with one half of the two part song. We sang You Are Holy Prince Of Peace by Michel W. Smith dressed in black with the lights shining right on us. It was beautiful. Not quite as beautiful as the song that the Adult Choir sang afterwards, There Is Love In The House, but still very very nice. At the end of the NOP all the groups got up and sang Amazing Love together, that was a sight worth seeing, and hearing for that matter. Afterwards the other girl and I got dozens of compliments on our outstanding job of singing. It was a night I will never forget. So now you know what exacticly a NOP is. I’m glad you do.

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