Isle of Palms – Thursday

by Bingle on Jun.15, 2007, under Family Matters

After breakfast, Tony and Anita escaped again, this time to tour the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown. Around lunch time, Tim and Tiffany headed off to the airport to start their journey home. Unfortunately, their flight out of Charleston was delayed quite a while and they ended up missing their connecting flight out of Charlotte. Overall their trip home took over 8 hours.

Karen and Ashley rode a couple of bikes they had found under the house down to the Isle of Palms city hall to take advantage of a free t-shirt offer we had found on the city’s web site. They rode down the beach about a mile and a half. They had a head wind the whole way there and the bikes have seen better days, so they were pretty worn out by the time they got there. Luckily, having a head wind on the way there meant that they had a tail wind the whole way back. While they were gone, Amber, Alyssa, and I played in the pool.

After lunch most folks either hit the beach or the pool (or both). Karen and I were headed to “Bird Island” with the girls when a local warned us that the tide was already coming in and we’d likely have rough time getting back if we went out there, so we decided to head down the beach instead. We saw several people kite boarding while out on our walk. One guy was pretty good at doing flips and such. While they made it look easy, I’m sure it takes a lot out of you.

Karen tried to take the girls out boogie-boarding again after dinner while the tide was coming in, but there must have been a storm out to sea or something because the tide was really high. Overall, folks saw a couple of palm trees, a lounge chair, and a cooler all being swept towards the inlet. Needless to say, Karen didn’t end up taking the girls boogie-boarding after all.

The evening hours saw some games of Cartegena, Rummy, and (to the bemusement of Tony and Anita) a rousing game of Pit – complete with bell, and folks working on their contributions to the memory books. The fresh air must have taken a toll on all of us, because we all made it an early evening and were in bed by midnight.

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