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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

by Bingle on Sep.19, 2019, under Richard Bingle


Avast! Another Talk Like a Pirate Day has come ‘n gone. It be hard to be talkin’ like a pirate when the only ones to be talkin’ to arrrr meself and me dog. Me did have a bit o’ fun by having my portrait done and by sharin’ me mid-day meal with me first daughter, Cap’n Ashley.


And here be some piratical music fer ye by the Dread Crew of Oddwood

– Cap’n Rich

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by Bingle on Sep.06, 2019, under Richard Bingle, Richard Bingle Family

It is amazing what a difference a few days makes when it comes to forecasting hurricanes.

On Wednesday, August 28th, it looked like Dorian was going to pass directly over us as a Category 2 hurricane. By Saturday, August 31st, not so much. And by the time Tuesday, September 3rd rolled around, Dorian passed well enough offshore that we had just a couple of inches of rain and some occasional winds.

After having brought everything inside and having rolled up the carpets in the front rooms away from the windows “just in case”, I spent some time preparing a YouTube livestream of the storm’s impact. Using 3 old iPhones, the Live Reporter IOS app, OBS, the ZoomRadar Widget, and an MacBook Pro with lots of RAM, I set up a “4 up” scene showing 3 views out through the windows and the live radar. It worked most of the time, but the iPhones kept overheating in the windows, their streams to the OBS software were not always stable, and it was pretty useless once the sun went down. It got me thinking that what I really needed was some streamable outdoor cameras, possibly some lights, and maybe even a weather station so that I could provide the current wind speed and direction, temperature, precipitation, etc. But who am I kidding? That sounds like a lot of money and I have no real way of getting power to where I’d like to put the cameras. Oh well, I guess we’ll just need to avoid any more hurricane scares.

– Rich

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TLAPD 2018

by Bingle on Sep.19, 2018, under Richard Bingle

Ahoy, mateys!

Cap’n Rich didn’t be dressin’ up in his full pirate regalia this year for Talk Like a Pirate Day, so no likeness to be showin’ to yer crew and sniggerin’ over.

Instead, here be hopin’ ye be enjoyin’ this hurdy gurdy cover of Stormseeker’s “The Longing” performed by Patty Gurdy and that it get ye in the piratical mood!

– Cap’n Rich

I’ve seen many men wandering
All strong and brave and keen
Seen them growing into rulers
But I long for the sea
Heard a ship came from North
To our harbour for a day
And before misfortune knows
I’ll be on my way

I’m all set to veer away
And I’m all set to go astray
All burdens I will leave ashore
To find what I’ve been longing for

Don‘t tell anyone
That this night I’ll be gone
Greeting the eternal blue
Right at the break of dawn
Sailing t‘wards the unknown
With my crew on the sea
And the day that I return
A hero I shall be

I’m all set to veer away
And I’m all set to go astray
All burdens I will leave ashore
To find what I’ve been longing for

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