Orlando Bingles’ Western Adventure: Day 1

by Bingle on Jun.05, 2008, under Richard Bingle Family

After staying up way too late on Monday night getting everything packed up (why is it that we always end up packing into the wee hours the night before a trip?) we left dark and early on Tuesday, May 13 for our flight to Las Vegas to start our vacation. Despite the flight being one of the roughest I can remember, it was generally uneventful. After picking up our rental minivan, we headed to an In-N-Out Burger just off of The Strip for our lunch where I introduced Karen and the girls to the wonder that is the “Double-Double”.

Just Lion Around

After our late lunch and checking into the Monte Carlo (at least on paper – our room wasn’t quite ready), we headed across the street to see the lions at the MGM Grand. I was shocked to see that there were actually two “handlers” in the exhibit with the two male lions. Whenever the lions appeared to be laying down for a nap, they would actually start teasing or petting them, or bouncing a huge rubber ball nearby to get them active again. We then went back to the Monte Carlo for an hour or so, frolicking in their wave pool and lazy river.

Water Music

After swimming, we took the van and headed down The Strip. First stop was the Belagio for the fountain show. It is quite a sight. I just wish that they ran it more often than they do or that the show was a bit longer. It is just too short after waiting so long. Actually, it would be great if the show just ran continuously, but I suppose they would lose too much water to evaporation during the day and it would end up costing them too much.


Our next stop was Treasure Island to see the Sirens’ show out front. We arrived with 5-10 minutes to spare, but unfortunately they ended up canceling the show due to high winds. After grabbing a bite of dinner at Canters’ Deli inside, we tried again for the 8:30 showing. This time were were treated to an almost front row view of the Sirens’ ship (and an almost back row view of the Pirates’ ship). Its a fairly typical Las Vegas type of show (except it is free) with a loose siren/pirate theme wrapped around it, but was enjoyable. The explosions of the attacking pirates’ cannon were intense. We thought it was hot out before the flames erupted. When the gouts of flames were coming out it felt like your face was being scorched off!

After returning to the Monte Carlo and putting the girls to bed, I wandered around the Monte Carlo’s casino for a while but resisted the urge to play anything.

Next stop, Hoover Dam!

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