Hurricane Matthew – The Postlude

by Bingle on Oct.08, 2016, under Richard Bingle Family

While our house in Orlando survived the winds, the house in Viera did not fare nearly as well. Most of the shingles were ripped off of the back of the house that faces north. The house will need a new roof.

My brother-in-law and I went out to the house this morning to take down the shutters and do something about the roof. We had arranged to meet with a roofer today so once we got the shutters off we decided to take a break (it was hot work) and wait for the roofer’s advice before we tried to cover the roof ourselves. Thankfully, the roofer was able to cover the roof with a tarp and tar paper (properly) for us so that we didn’t have to get up on the roof ourselves. Unfortunately, it wasn’t free, although the roofer said that it could just be added to our insurance claim. Yes, we have hurricane insurance on that house, but the deductible is substantial. Oh well, at least now when we re-list the house for sale we can say “brand new roof!”

– Rich

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