The call of duty

by Bingle on Nov.03, 2005, under Richard Bingle

I played a pivotal role in society yesterday when I answered the call of my country (ok, county – it’s only 1 letter different). No, I didn’t enlist, I served on a jury. Well, kind of. While I was chosen out of the pool to actually serve on the jury, when it came time for the trial to start, the prosecution’s witness was a no show. With no witnesses to the alleged criime, the prosecution had no choice but to drop the charges.

One of the most interesting tidbits I picked up during the Voir Dire process was that this particular court did not have a court reporter/stenographer in the courtroom. They were actually in a different building and were listening in via about a dozen microphones hung about the room.

At least I got to sit in the jury box.

– Rich

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