Sun Halo

by Bingle on Apr.16, 2014, under Richard Bingle

When I returned to my desk after lunch today one of the guys on my team told me simply, “Go look at the sun.” After looking at him quizzically and asking, “Why?” he would only repeat, “Go look at the sun.”

So, I went back outside and looked at the sun.

Sun Halo

Whoa! That’s cool!

Apparently the “sun halo” is caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals high in the atmosphere. I quickly went back inside and grabbed by phone and everyone I could find and went back outside. It lasted for at least 20 minutes. I wasn’t outside when it went away, but assume it faded like a regular rainbow does.

– Rich

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  • Bingle

    Karen took some pictures as well. I liked one of hers so much that I made it the highlight image for the album (it is the one you see in the post above).

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