Arg Ye Matey, It Be Halloween!

by Alyssa on Nov.16, 2009, under Alyssa Bingle

Ahoy thar it be the Pirate kid this time. I’ve just returned from plundering Light Night’s candy and eaten some plus made up a song, it goes like this.

A rollicking band of pirates we
Who tired of tossing on the sea
Are trying our hand at a burglary
For all of Light Night’s candy

Can you guess what we were for Halloween?
That’s right, Pirates.


Apparently pirates were very popular because we met one in the parking lot wearing Ashley’s costume (with a gun) and his infant sibling had a wagon made into a pirate ship.

Then at the party there was another kid that was wearing her costume and a few more wearing pirate costumes.

There were lots of games and music, so you couldn’t hear anyone talking to you. Towards the end there was a costume contest, the winners for the 4th and 5th grade: in 1st place The broke businessman (AKA Conner Rose) in 2nd place The artist (AKA Kirsten Lindemulder) and in 3rd place The Texas chainsaw massacre (AKA I don’t know who) then after that you could play some more games, but while I was waiting in line for one of them a lady went running after a ping pong ball for the game and she clunked her head into mine. After that I had to sit with a bag of ice wrapped in Ashley’s sash so that I didn’t freeze my head. Then Amber went to get more candy.

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