Fall Semester Projects

by Ashley on Dec.15, 2012, under Ashley Bingle

So, this semester I had a lot of classes that have both periodic and final projects. I thought people might enjoy looking at some of the things I have been working on throughout the past few months.

In my Computer Graphics class we have been building some pretty neat interactive graphics, (best viewed in the Chrome browser). Here is the page that links to each person’s projects and then you might have to click on a “something”.html file to see the project. Project 8 is the final project I did with a partner, based on the board game Abalone. While it currently doesn’t have all the features of the physical game (no lateral moves, for example, and no winning detection) I worked a ton on this project and am very proud of it. I am planning on working more on it during Christmas break and Interim, so we’ll see if it ever gets “finished”.

In Web Administration we have been learning how to build websites, so here is a link to my fake portfolio website and my testing site, where I try things out before putting them into the website I am working with a partner to build for a local non-profit. The non-profit’s site is hosted at a real domain, and my teammate and I are very pleased with how satisfied they are with our work.

In Software Engineering I work on a team of 5 people, who (instead of making an app for an Android phone like the rest of the class) are making a remote control program that works through the internet to play movies and audio on a Raspberry Pi. With our program installed, someone could hook up this tiny computer to their TV and the internet and control the media playing on their TV from anywhere with an internet connection.

My fourth class was a math class, Advanced Logic and Computability, so there were no team projects in that class. Only a few homework assignments where we programmed simple computers called Turing Machines. I spent a long time working on one of those, because my computer broke in the middle of saving my work, so I was having dreams about the code for a few nights. Actually, I have had dreams about almost all of my classes: nightmares about usability testing in Software Engineering, about repeatedly typing commands to install new things for the website, and about doing vector math to improve my Graphics final project.

The only class I did not have nightmares about is my PE class, Cooperative World Games, which reminds me a lot of the PE we used to do when I was younger. We played all kinds of different games, and always tried to find one each class period that was from another country. Teams of 3 or 4 people from the class led each time, so that was another team project I had to work on, which just happened to be due the same day as almost all of my other stuff. So, after all of that I survived to the end of the semester, through all the presentations and exams, and am ready to enjoy Christmas at home.


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