Jim Bingle in the Hospital

by Bingle on Jul.24, 2007, under Jim Bingle

Karen and the girls and I were out visiting the folks on Saturday when it appears that Dad had a TIA (transient ischemic attack) or “mini-stroke” after dinner. We were right there when it happened and called 911 right away. After a lengthy stay in the ER, they eventually admitted him to the hospital early Sunday morning and he appears to be doing fine. On Monday evening his cardiac doctor was in to see him. Based on the EKG they did Saturday night and the sonogram of his heart that was done on Sunday, he feels that a cardiac catherization is necessary to address a buildup of plaque. At this point I don’t know whether they feel that buildup was related/responsible for the TIA on Saturday or just figured they might as well take care of it while he is in the hospital anyway. They will be doing the catherization on Tuesday (this) afternoon.

Mom appears to be holding up to the stress pretty well, but please keep both of them in your prayers.

– Rich

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