Catopolis Anthology Story Written Nine Years Ago

by Don and Linda Bingle on Nov.27, 2008, under Donald Bingle, Donald Bingle Family

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My latest story to come out is in the anthology Catopolis, edited by Janet Deaver-Pack and Marty Greenberg.  I’d actually written this story in 1999, when Jean told me that Barnes & Noble was putting out an anthology with a hundred cat crime stories (I’m not making this up).  I wrote the story, but nothing came of it, so I moved on to other things.  Then, about a year ago, I got a message that Janet was doing this anthology and needed an extra cat story in a hurry.  I got the document off the old computer and sent it off the same evening.  This makes my sixth short story to come out this year, which is the most in any year so far.  Right now I only have two short stories slated to come out next year, although I have two out at publishers right now for consideration.

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