Isle of Palms – Sunday

by Bingle on Jun.11, 2007, under Family Matters

Spent some time today down at the beach. At low tide you can walk quite a ways out into the ocean and, despite a few sudden depressions, the water doesn’t get over knee deep. Found several crabs, lots of whelks, some uninhabited fan-shaped shells, and a (live) starfish.

Later in the day, a good portion of us spent some time in the pool. Even Mom got in the pool.

The 5 girls appear to be getting along great with each other. They’ve been playing lots of games (Jenga and Blurt) and playing catch. The adults (and the older girls) also played some games (Blokus, Abalone, Puerto Rico, Play Nine). Tim even tried playing a game of chess against the resident master.

Apparently the grill could use some TLC, as the steaks we had planned for dinner took longer than anticipated. We probably won’t have Don volunteering for grilling duty on Monday when it comes time to grill the hot dogs and hamburgers.

The evening, after the littlest ones were put to bed, ended with a few games of Apples to Apples. Some were a bit skeptical at first, but I think eventually everyone warmed up to the game and enjoyed themselves.

– Rich

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