Jim Bingle in the Hospital – Update

by Bingle on Jul.25, 2007, under Jim Bingle

Well, the cardiac catheterization went fine on Tuesday except they didn’t end up putting in a stent. Instead, we were informed that Dad would need valve replacement and at least a single bypass. Talk about a shock!

Figuring that they would want to do the surgery right away, Mom and I stayed at the hospital until late Tuesday night to confirm whether surgery was going to occur on Wednesday or not. It wasn’t. Instead, we met with a cardiac surgeon on Wednesday to discuss Dad’s condition and options. Due to the recent brain insult and the need for heavy-duty blood thinners for the open-heart surgery, the surgeon wanted to wait 6 weeks to see if there was any change in a CAT scan of the brain before doing the surgery (not wanting to risk further insult to the brain due to bleeding).

The cardiologist had other ideas though. A couple of hours after talking with the surgeon, we found out that the cardiologist didn’t want to risk waiting 6 weeks to address the blocked artery, so Dad is now scheduled for another cardiac catheterization on Thursday to place a stent in the clogged artery. The valve replacement will have to wait, though.

– Rich

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