Youth Sunday

by Ashley on Apr.23, 2006, under Ashley Bingle

The youth, meaning kids in 6-12 grade, at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration put on two entire church services pretty much all by themselves. We had a little help from some adults, including my Dad, my Sunday school teacher, and Shaun Hartsell, our Youth Pastor. We had youth singers, youth bell-ringers, youth ushers, and even a youth speaker to do the sermon. I was privileged enough to be included in the group that led worship. I was part of the singing group that provided the music during the offering and during the second service another girl and I got to lead the hymns that the congregation sang. It was quite an interesting experience taking over the job of an adult for the day. I was also part of the team that ran the technology booth. We do things such as un-mute microphones and change the words on the screen. Unfortunately the place that we work from is up a flight of stairs from the sanctuary and overlooks the entire congregation so I had to go down to sing. Being required to wear a dress and having only high heels to go with the dress I had made it very hard for me to go up and down the stair quickly and quietly. In effect I had to leave my shoes at the bottom of the steps and get them when it was near time for me to sing. I then had to walk around the back of the pews to get to the other girls in choir. I almost missed my cue the first time when I was still trying to strap on my shoes, but I made it in time to sing with the other girls. Over all the experience was a large change of pace and quite fun. I liked it a lot and hope to join in again when we do another Youth Sunday next school year.

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