My First…

by Amber on Aug.16, 2013, under Amber Bingle

In preparation for my first summer job and my first year at college, I did something that was long overdue: I got my first haircut.

Now it’s not like I was trying not to cut my hair, I just never bothered. And after seventeen and a half years, it was pretty long. Years ago I started to wear it only in one or two braids because otherwise I got too hot and tended to get caught on doorknobs.

The first thirty inches were donated to Locks of Love (which made the haircut free, which means I still have not spent any money on haircuts, though I’ve probably made up for that in shampoo).


It has been quite the change: I have to get used to not sitting on it, it getting in my face when I lean forward and the fact that I can re-do it any time I want in less than thirty seconds and in a wide variety of hairstyles.

I’m happy with how my haircut turned out, but I wonder if it will take seventeen years to get that long again.

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