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Frame Shop

by Bingle on Oct.11, 2014, under Donald Bingle

Famous author and “Legend In His Own Mind”, Donald J. Bingle is currently running a kickstarter for his latest novella, Frame Shop.


Pledge early and often!

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Talk (And Dress?) Like A Pirate Day 2014

by Administrator on Sep.19, 2014, under Amber Bingle, Ashley Peters, Donald Bingle, Linda Bingle, Richard Bingle

Arr! It be that time again! Talk Like A Pirate Day!

This year Bingles in 3 states celebrated TLAPD not only by talking like pirates but even dressing like them.

Cap’n Rich prompted the following missive from an officer in the Royal Navy:


We need the K-9 unit dispatched to 1120 please.

The “Cap’n” may be enticed to leave the premise by placing Solaris scripting books or chicken wings in the parking lot. Don’t be alarmed about the apparent firearm as it’s been identified as the make shift window handle from the Telecom equipment van. Please do recover the key as it needs to be returned to a nearby 7-11 so they can regain access to the men’s restroom.

Splashly Ashley was also highlighted by her captain in a missive:


If you have not filled out your talent profile and turned it in to your manager, please do this by EOD today. We appreciate your help and timeliness in this effort.

Also, make sure you fill out the Career Ambition section!

Ashley’s is to talk like a Pirate… but just for today.

Amber (aka Leftie) and her parrot Evermore plundered The Isle of the Krispy Kreme with her sister.


And then there is Scurvy Don and Crazy Linda. Words escape me…

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Pirates == Rednecks?

by Bingle on Jul.01, 2014, under Richard Bingle

I work with a lot of self proclaimed “rednecks”, and as you all know by now, I celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day at work.

Therefore, it isn’t any surprise that the following question came to mind the other day… Are pirates the same thing as rednecks? Let’s look at the evidence!

Both drink to excess
Both are typically missing teeth
Both don’t bathe regularly
Both like to shoot things
Both have “unique” hairstyles
Both have “unique” facial hair
Both have “unique” clothing
Both speak their own language
Both gamble
Both tow dingys
Both like flying their “colors”
Both fish

Are they the same? Maybe not exactly, but there are definitely a lot of similarities!

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