Halloween 2008

by Ashley on Nov.05, 2008, under Ashley Bingle

Well, no contest winnings this year. Apparently we have less chance of winning at youth group specifically because we are Bingles. We were told that we were at a disadvantage (having placed the last 3 years), although we did have costumes in the running. However, since Halloween fell on a Friday this year, and our costumes for youth group didn’t have to be ready until the Monday after, we had different costumes on the actual day.

Our Costumes, or are they?

Alyssa was an Olympic Gymnast, complete with Gold Medal and American Flag. Pictured are her Olympic Rings, on the front of her jacket she had “USA”.

Olympic Champion

Amber was a fisher person, using some shiny pins as lures on her hat and our Fisher Price fishing pole. Here she is trying to fish out of our pool. Needless to say, she did not catch anything.

Gone Fishing

I used one of our store bought costumes from after Halloween sales a different year and was a gypsy. I used our little mini tambourine and some earrings that were almost used on Alyssa’s pirate costume last year.

A Gypsy...?

Daddy took the cake, though, with his costume which he wore all day at work. He was a Former Wallstreet CEO: (You wouldn’t believe how many people asked him that night if it was real!)

Wall Street CEO

We worked during the weekend on our costumes for the contest at Youth Group and this is what we came up with:

Contest Costumes

I was a blue Lego brick, our Youth Director thought it was a domino, and Amber was a monster large bag of M&Ms®, complete with the registered trademark symbol.

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