Isle of Palms – Tuesday

by Bingle on Jun.13, 2007, under Family Matters

After breakfast, Mike, Tim, Karen, and I took the 5 girls out in the ocean in 3 inflatable boats that a couple of us had brought. Two of the boats had oars, so we tied the smallest non-oared boat to the largest oared boat and tried to row around in the shallows protected by the sand bars at low tied. Unforunately, the water level was such that the adults spent a large amount of the time just getting themselves ungrounded.

Also during low-tide, there was another massive shell hunt performed. Again, we came up with lots of the fan shaped shells and occupied whelks. Karen found some living creature of unknown origins, and I found my “find of the day”, an intact (yet deceased) sand dollar.

Tony and Anita took advantage of all of the free baby-sitting and took a side trip over to Fort Summter, while Don and Linda took a drive and went shopping.

Before dinner, we took the Bingle girls down to the ocean during high tide and let them try some boogie-boarding. I seemed a bit heavy for the boards and was pretty unsuccessful, so ended up jumping the breakers with Alyssa while Karen, Ashley, and Amber got fairly good at riding the waves into shore.

Mom and I were sitting outside after dinner when I spotted what I thought was a dolphin. Turned out it wasn’t a dolphin, it was three of them! I quickly went inside and announced my discovery and grabbed Linda’s binoculars and we spent the next 20 minutes scanning the waters with the binoculars and various cameras.

After dinner, we played a 12 person game of “Up and Down the River” and then an 11 person game of double-deck elimination “Up and Down the River”. The night ended with Tim, Mike, Chris, and I playing a quick game of Cartegena.

– Rich

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  • Amber

    As an addition to the boogie boarding paragraph, I wanted to say that some of the waves were very large, and I once caught one that brought me up (and knocked me into) the chairs rented by the neighbors.

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