Jim Bingle – Monday 10/1 10:45 a.m. Update

by Bingle on Oct.01, 2007, under Jim Bingle

Well, I fully intended to send out a positive update last night, but never got around to it…

Dad was transferred on Friday from the CSU at the hospital to a rehab center a couple of miles from their house (same one he was at two years ago). He seemed pretty happy to be out of the CSU when we went to see him on Saturday. Don and I even got to take him outside in the courtyard for about 20 minutes so that he could enjoy the fresh air. He had three therapists assigned to him – speech/swallowing, occupational, and physical. All that therapy seemed to wear him out, but he seemed in good spirits and was looking forward to having his chess buddies start visiting him at the rehab center.

Then, this morning I got a call from Mom that Dad had a bad nose-bleed this morning that they couldn’t stop and that they had transferred him by ambulance back to the ER at the hospital. I just got off the phone with Mom, and it sounds like they are re-admitting him to Wuesthoff hospital. Unfortunately, I don’t have any details yet (she was going to call me back in a while since she wasn’t supposed to be using her phone where she was).

– Rich

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