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by Ashley on Sep.04, 2012, under Ashley Bingle

My New Room!

This year was the first time I flew back to school after the summer (leaving the family in Florida this time, too), and also my first year not to live on the third floor where I always have (I already walked up by mistake once and almost said I lived there still!) I am now in one of the upperclassmen dorm in the third wing of the building I used to live in (and on the 2nd floor). I have my own room for the only time since I was very little!

Yes it's messy

I have moved things into my room, but am still working on motivating myself to unpack. Part of the delay is due to the fact that I spent part of Sunday and most of Monday on a trip up to the UP (Upper Peninsula) so I could walk across the Mackinac (pronounced MACK-in-aw, like the city even though it isn’t spelled that way) Bridge between the two parts of Michigan on Labor Day.

Walking the Bridge

Apparently this is an annual thing in Michigan (55th annual according to some people’s T-shirts), where the governor makes a speech and half the bridge is closed to cars to allow normally forbidden foot-traffic. It was really neat to get to walk across the bridge we drove over last year since I remember thinking how neat such a thing would be back then while riding in the car. I tried to get some pictures of the bridge structure, but since it was so crowded there are people in most of the pictures.

Mackinac Bridge

Oh well, then you get a sense of how it felt to walk across with the thousands of other people who crossed the bridge that day. I especially liked walking across the grates so I could look down at the water so far below without being at all worried about falling or dropping anything.

Do look down!

Today, after the 5+ miles (not including to and from the actual bridge part) of a hike, I can definitely feel it. At least it was downhill after the halfway point, and there was usually a nice breeze. Now I’m sitting in my dorm room with two fans on high to keep me from sweating. I’ve only had one class so far, the rest start tomorrow, but I have been having fun visiting with people! I’ve got some more guests due back soon, so this will have to be all for now. Until the next interesting event at college!


Tower (552 ft above waterlevel)

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