Orlando Bingles’ Western Adventure: Day 9

by Bingle on Jun.06, 2008, under Richard Bingle Family

Wait a minute, I thought it was supposed to be hot?

It was definitely cooler outside than it had been the day before (about 25 degrees cooler) and the wind had picked up, but that wasn’t going to stop us from enjoying ourselves. As the wind was blowing directly out of the west into our little cove, we first needed to retie the boat as the waves had pushed us a bit and the starboard rope was very slack. Karen was very pleased with how well we ended up being retied. It looked like we knew what we were doing. Little did we know…

We spent some time playing in the houseboat, including “Beauty Parlor” (Karen re-did Amber and Alyssa’s braids and Alyssa did Karen and Ashley’s ponytails) and “Crab Boat” (based loosely on the television series “Deadliest Catch”. We also tried flying some kites off of the bow of the houseboat (a suggestion given to us a few days earlier when we were returning our speedboat at Lake Havasu). Fortunately the wind was blowing onto shore which made it much easier to rescue the kites when they would crash.

Perfect Form

The best way to get used to the water was to take the plunge down the slide off the stern, but boy was the water cold! Ashley was definitely the most enthusiastic out of all of us about going off the slide. Alyssa spent most of her time in the inflatable boat we had brought along.

We played some more cards (Pig again) after dinner and then called it a night.

Next stop, California!

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