Star Wars Uncut

by Bingle on Jan.24, 2012, under Richard Bingle

I don’t often post links to other random stuff I find on the internet, but I have made a couple of exceptions. This was just so odd, bizarre, funny, bad, unique, and geeky that I felt I had no choice.

Basically, the movie linked below is the entire Star Wars: A New Hope movie (all 2 hours) cut together using fan created 15 second or so snippets of their interpretations, reenactments, renderings, animations, adaptations, and reproductions of the original scenes from the movie. Some are quite good. Others are indeed quite bad.

I only regret that I didn’t find out about this project when it began a couple of years ago. I’m sure I could have convinced the girls to have participated with me.

May the Force be with you!

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