Video iPod?

by Bingle on Oct.06, 2005, under Richard Bingle

The rumors are swirling everywhere that Apple will introduce a video-capable iPod next week in San Jose. Do we really need yet another new ipod model so soon? We’ve already seen the original iPod with its (now paltry) 5GB of space. A short nine months later brought us the 2nd generation iPod (which is what I use at work everyday) with its improved solid-state wheel. Eight months later it was out with the old and in with the new.Tthe 3rd gen arrived, with is backlit buttons and dock connector. While the dock connector (which enabled either USB or FireWire connectivity) was a great idea, those buttons definitely weren’t. Next was the iPod mini (in several fashionable brushed metal colors) followed by the 4th gen iPod, both of which abandoned the buttons of the 3rd gen and returned to the simple and elegant design of the 1st and 2nd gen style touch wheels. But the world wasn’t satisfied with just songs and a monochrome display, and the iPod Photo with its bigger disk and tiny color display was born. Eventually all future iPods (with the exception of the Shuffle) would get the color screen. Even the iPod Nano (released just recently and still hard to find in some places) could display photos. All of this in 4 short years.

So, what do you do to top all of that? Apparently, if the rumors are true, you make the jump from photo to video. Where (and when) will it end?

– Rich

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