He’s Changing His Number!

by Bingle on May.11, 2007, under Richard Bingle

Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently announced that he was going to leave the race team that his father started, Dale Earnhardt Incorporated after the 2007 season. It will be interesting to see where he ends up (Gibbs, Hendricks, Childress?), but the only thing I could think of was the commercial he had starred in a year or two back where he makes an announcement that he’s changing his number to 6.7 and it shows fans with huge 8′s painted on their garage doors, 8 topiarys, etc. freaking out (including taking a chainsaw to the topiary). In the end he says he’s just kidding and it shows a guy getting a 6.7 tattoo. Well, life imitates art. DEI “owns” the number and it is almost certain Junior will have to change his number. All those fans with rooms full of ’8′ merchandise will have to go out and buy all new stuff.

It would be great if NASCAR let him race the 6.7 car…

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