Orlando Bingles’ 2011 Summer Road Trip – Day 8

by Bingle on Aug.20, 2011, under Richard Bingle Family

We spent most of Day 8 of our trip tubing on Douglas Lake. While we would have preferred something a little sportier with more speed, the only affordable boat we could find to rent was a somewhat underpowered pontoon boat, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast.

2011 Summer Trip-37

We drove the van to a nearby marina where we rented the boat and then took the boat back to the cabin we were staying at to pick up the tube and some drinks. It would have been a bit easier if our dock had still been floating instead of sitting at an odd angle on the shore due to the receding lake, but we managed. We headed out of the cove on which our cabin was located back out into the open area of the main lake and got the tube all set up to tow.

2011 Summer Trip-31

We started out with the three girls on the tube and they quickly got comfortable and were soon sitting up and showing off by not holding on. While the boat lacked power, it was still possible to send one or more of the girls sailing off into the water through abrupt changes in speed and direction of the boat.

2011 Summer Trip-33

We spent the next several hours taking turns on the tube. Since Ashley had gotten her driver’s license over the summer even she took a turn driving the boat. We stopped briefly back at the marina once during the day to fill up on fuel and then headed right back out onto the lake, searching for every wave and wake we could find, or creating and crossing our own wake.

2011 Summer Trip-34

On our eventual return to the cabin we were pretty worn out so we played a game and went to bed a little early.

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