Jim Bingle – Sunday 3:00 p.m. Update

by Bingle on Sep.09, 2007, under Jim Bingle

They removed Dad’s breathing tube this afternoon about noon (they removed the balloon pump yesterday evening). When we saw Dad at 1:00, he was enjoying being able to talk again (he said “Hello” to us several times). In fact, the nurse was having a bit of difficulting listening to his lungs because he kept talking. At about 1:30 they kicked us out of the room so that they could get Dad out of the bed and into a recliner instead, which he was anxious to have them do. He was so anxious, that once he saw the recliner out in the hall he asked me to get him down out of the bed and we had to explain that it wasn’t my call and that he was still connected to a bunch of wires and tubes.

They let us back in to see him at about 2:15 for a few minutes and he was “relaxing” in the recliner (which means that they had to have him up on his feet to transfer him, which is a good). We’ll go see him again at 5:00. Hopefully by then they’ll have removed the chest tube.

– Rich

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