Jim Bingle – Monday 10/8 10:30 a.m. Update

by Bingle on Oct.08, 2007, under Jim Bingle

After spending most of last week back in Wuesthoff Hospital, Dad was released back to rehab on Friday. Chris arranged midweek to have Dad reviewed by Sea Pines Rehab Hospital down in Palm Bay (about 30 minutes away) and they agreed to place him there on Friday instead of going back to the Wuesthoff Rehab Center (Spyglass).

Mom and I visited him on Saturday. He was a bit tired after having physical therapy in the morning, so after eating his lunch he took a nap. Later in the day, Dad and I played a game of Blokus, which I only won by 4 squares. We then arranged to have one of his chess buddies come in on Sunday afternoon to play chess and left shortly after he had dinner.

The hope is that this rehab center will provide more attentive care and will work him harder so that he can eventually come home sooner.

Chris has arranged to extend her stay until the end of this week to help Mom with some more stuff at the house and transport her down to Sea Pines.

– Rich

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