International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008

by Ashley on Sep.19, 2008, under Ashley Bingle, Richard Bingle Family

The time has come again, Mateys! That most wonderful time of year when we get to annoy all passers-by with our piratical speech. I know I will lapse into pirate speech just about any time now that I have gotten to see all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (since last TLAPD I hadn’t yet), but this gives me a reason to be talkin’ like a pirate. (I get a few less stares that way, maybe…)

Last year I confused my Computer Science teacher when I answered all her questions about java coding in my pirate persona and this year I saved up my Web Design teacher’s oral quiz for a similar demonstration. Ironically, as I am usually the Captain when we play pirates at PE and it started just yesterday, I got to try out my pirate voice prematurely.

-Cap’n Ash

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  • Bingle

    My greeting on my work voicemail today…

    Ahoy, Ahoy!

    You’ve reached the disembodied voice of Cap’n Rich, Cap’n of the pirate ship Intrepid.

    The real Cap’n be otherwise engaged in the affairs of his ship (likely puttin’ down yet another mutiny amongst the bilge rats that make up the crew) and can’t be talkin’ with the likes of ye.

    But if ye leave your missive with me parrot, I swear I’ll ponder on gettin’ back to ye.

    Alright then, Polly, it be up to you now… < *squawk*>

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