Bingles Survive Earthquake Less Than Twenty Miles From Epicenter

by Don and Linda Bingle on Feb.10, 2010, under Donald Bingle, Donald Bingle Family, Linda Bingle

Okay, so it was an Illinois earthquake, only 4.3 on the Richter Scale, but it was just east-northeast of Dekalb, so not that far from us.  It hit at almost exactly 4 a.m., waking Linda, the puppies, and YES even me.  It was a sharp boom and a shudder and knocked a few things off shelves.  Most people who have described it on the news here say they thought a snowplow had hit their house–which is a thought that eventually occurred to me after Linda dismissed my wind/microburst suggestion–we were in the middle of about 8 inches of snow last night.  She also suggested earthquake as a possibility, but I was drifting back to sleep by that point.

So far no damage, no injuries reported.  And, by the way, we do have earthquake insurance.  It is supercheap here (more expensive on Kauai, but we got it there, too, along with hurricane insurance).  Some day the New Madrid fault downstate will go big time–so why not have the insurance?


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